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What's it all about?


This blog post, (my first!), is a quick introduction to what you’ll find here. The posts that I will make in this blog will focus on:

· Art

· Dance

· Healing

· Self-Care

· Creativity

· Energy

· Spirituality

· Nature

· The Magic of the World

For me, these concepts feed into one another and all contribute to a holistic approach to a fulfilling life. To be clear though, the posts I make are meant to be suggestions and inspiration, not hard and fast rules or manifestos. I am always happy to discuss anything you may find here and by no means do I expect everyone to agree with everything I’m saying all the time. These ideas are what work for me and I hope some of these thoughts and suggestions will work for you too.

I’ll try to keep them short…usually…so that they can be a quick hit of inspiration. Some posts will be a bit longer to convey larger ideas or thought processes. Some will include DIY suggestions and activities (hopefully fun ones) and lists that you may find useful. Some will remain more conceptual. Take what you will from them and leave what doesn’t work. There might even be some short stories!

My goal is to share with you, tidbits of information that I have gathered over time in the hopes that they may bring you some comfort, inspiration, motivation, healing, ease and a little bit (or a lot-a-bit) of Magic.

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