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Letting the Land Lead Logo with Title, The Dancer Tree in black with a grey triple spiral to form the leaves.

Through compelling and delightful dance, intermingled with  exquisite art and a gentle influence of guided meditation, this series of immersive performances and workshops brings audiences into greater connection with themselves and with the land they live on.   

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What is the impact of 
Letting the Land Lead?
  •  Audiences experience a greater sense of awareness of their connection to themselves and their environment
  • Funds are raised for local conservation efforts
  • Local artists, dancers and collaborators are supported with fair wages
  • ​It's just a lot of fun!​

Current Supporters

Letting the Land Lead is supported in part by the Cultural Councils of Groton, Leominster and Westford, local agencies which are supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Additional support provided by

  • Monkeyhouse, Malden

  • Dance Prism Ballet Company, Concord

  • Patreon Supporters​​

  • Private Donors

Mass Cultural Council Logo in teal and orange.

Upcoming Performances:

I am excited to say that the year of performances, workshops and the first Letting the Land Lead Retreat in 2023 has led to 2024 being a year of research and development! 
So what does that mean?
Although I have no plans for any upcoming performances for the time being (though do keep an eye out for what's next), I will be working intensely behind the scenes to learn and build from what Letting the Land Lead taught me over the last year.  Some things I have planned:


  • Movement Research: Time in the studio to experiment with new choreography

  • Relationship Building: Exploring how Letting the Land Lead will connect with communities and conservation efforts to have the best impact

  • ​Scientific Research: Learning about climate science to help educate audiences more effectively and healing sciences to better integrate meditative aspects to the work

  • Restructuring: Exploring the best model for the work of Letting the Land Lead to let it function and achieve its goals smoothly


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Two dancers in colorful costumes, one watery and green, the other earthy and brown, move over a bed of pine needles.
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