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A Doorway In

August 2019

Master's Degree Exhibition Show

Glasgow School of Art

This work represents a year-long exploration into communication with the land through dance.  The three recordings show movement informed by the environment in which the filming took place. 

In conjunction with fiber art, sculpture, sound design, and the Celtic triple spiral symbol, the Triskele, this work as a whole represents the Celtic mythological idea of the Three Realms, Land, Sea, and Sky.  The exhibition space was designed to allow the viewer to experience a sense of the process of connection through physical communication.  


Spinning a Yarn

May 2019

Studio Performance

This piece calls to a tradition of spinning wool and sharing stories, spinning a yarn.  I have always found the act of spinning to be a meditative experience and I wanted to bring that to an audience.  Here, witnessed by my figures at the gate, I told stories and held conversation with viewers, bringing in a mix of fantastical story and personal history and holding space for viewers to share their personal stories as well.

This performance, hearkening back to times when spinning was a necessity and people shared their stories while passing the time, is meant to bring people together and create a space for connection, however brief it may be.

For the Hunt

February 2018

Dance Performance as part of National Choreography Month Boston Showcase

     Set to the song Cernnunos by the pagan band Omnia, this dance is inspired by the ritual of trance dancing and shapeshifting for a powerful and successful hunt.  In this case, the "Hunt" is not literally for food or sustenance, but rather represents the hunt for the ecstatic connection that ritual and spiritual release offers.

For the Hunt photo edit.jpg


Dancing at Sunrise at the Ring of Brodgar

Winter Solstice 2018

Orkney, Scotland

The experience of dancing at sunrise on the winter solstice at the Ring of Brodgar and spending the day in Orkney was simply magical.  The dance was a devotional improvisation informed by the land surrounding the Ring and the glow of the sun on the uncharacteristically clear winter day.  The movement reaches into the Earth and calls down the rays of the sun in celebration.

Ness Islands Improvisation

October 2018

Inverness, Scotland

The Ness Islands, a string of islands that runs across the River Ness, served as a place of inspiration for this improvisation.  The movement was informed by the patch of woods in which I found myself.  Unfortunately unseen in the view of the film is a fallen log, smoothed on the top, which served as a stage and balance beam, guiding my movement to be peaceful and deliberate, just as the woods were around me.

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