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I highly recommend the Finding Your Magic course for anyone looking to ground, center, and/or get a little nudge towards finding their place in the world! Chris is wonderful at “meeting you where you are” and adjusts each program to best assist the client. This course very much helped me learn to identify and step into my own energy, which I’ve always struggled with. 

I cannot say enough good things about this course! Chris brings a rich spiritual background as well as a grounded and compassionate presence to this work. He was willing to tailor the program to accommodate my goals/concerns, which was so appreciated. No matter what “shifts” you’re trying make in your life I would certainly recommend working with Chris to help you shift your energy! 

Danielle from Reading, MA

Chris is one of those incredibly special people who people are drawn to, but who has zero ego. He’s genuine, humble, vulnerable, curious, and generous. I’ve been practicing energy work with him for over a decade and can attest to his skill at gently facilitating your own healing process. His non-denominational syncretic approach really puts people at ease - there are no exclusive secrets here, just a human drawing upon all the wisdom he can find. You can’t know if his approach is right for you without trying but if you’re looking for something new you won’t regret an intro session with Chris!

Ariella from Boston, MA

I've known Chris for years, and our conversations always leave my mind feeling both more grounded and more expansive. Recently, I reached out to him with some questions about kitchen magic. I've been struggling with depression, but have found comfort in cooking and wanted to learn more about the history and spirituality of kitchen magic. Chris was my first stop. I could not have asked for a more patient or enthusiastic teacher. He immediately put me at ease and created a space for me to ask questions and share my thoughts with no judgment whatsoever (important for this highly anxious newbie). His excitement - both for the subject and for helping me realize how it was already present in my life - was obvious and contagious. Chris pulled out different elements of my experience, from distance running to a love of maple syrup, to help me start to form a really personal spiritual relationship with my food. I cannot overstate how affirming our conversation was.

Holly from Boulder, CO

I definitely wanted to thank Chris for being the right person at the right time to assist me with my healing in general. I think Chris is super talented in all facets of healing and he has a special gift of intuition and psychic abilities and an ability to interpret his knowledge of things in a way that is communicated clearly and not confusing. And his vibe is just so calming in general, I always looked forward to our in person time or times we had phone calls. I always left feeling like I majorly benefited in one way of the other. THANK YOU!

Jean from Leominster, MA

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