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About Me

I am an artist, performer, dancer, and healer.


All my work stems from my nature based spiritual practice. I believe in the magic of turning everyday activities into meditative rituals when we approach them with intention. This can be powerfully healing.


As a healer, I do energy work, massage, and some coaching. Energy work is very personal, different for everyone. For me I start with guided meditation and somatic body awareness work.


For massage I trained at the Cortiva Institute and specialize in Swedish and sports massage. 


I trained in modern dance and ballet at Bard College. And later I earned my master’s degree in Performance at Glasgow School of Art. I’ve been doing my own choreography since I could walk and perform for my parents, though now the projects have grown a bit.


My background in visual art also goes back to childhood since my mom taught me to knit when I was five. Now I focus on fiber art, painting, and a little bit of sculpture, sewing, and whatever strikes my fancy. Art often gets incorporated into my performance and healing work. 


For me it is all connected. 

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