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Support the Land

My spiritual and practical work is centered in the value that nature and the land are sacred, as are its people.  The links provided on this page support the indigenous peoples of the lands on which I perform as well as the organizations that partner with me to make the work possible.

This is by no means a comprehensive or perfect list and, within it, I have to acknowledge the paradox of trying to do good within a system that is inherently flawed. 

Please take some time to learn about the people and places represented here and support the healing of the land and its people.

Summer in the Field

Support the Indigenous Peoples of this Land
This piece was performed and filmed on the taken lands of the Nipmuc people in what is colonially known as Groton, Massachusetts.  These people are still very much present in this area, though their ancestral lands have been taken and their tribal holding diminished to a mere few acres in Grafton, MA by the state and federal government.

The Nipmuc are culturally active in this area and are working hard to preserve their heritage.  Please learn about their history and their present concerns and donate to their cultural preservation efforts here:

and donate at

Support the Groton Conservation Trust

The Groton Conservation Trust is the stewarding organization that supports the protection and public use of the lands where The Quietus of Autumn is taking place through September of 2023.

Governed by volunteers, this non-profit organization stewards nearly 1,500 acres of land throughout Groton.  They offer free educational programs and events that support awareness for the needs of the land in this area.

To learn more about their organization, visit:

and donate at

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