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When you are kind to yourself and move through life from a place of ease, the body can work miracles.  This is my philosophy on healing.  It is truly amazing what the simple act of giving yourself space and support to heal can do, physically, emotionally and energetically.

 I am a massage therapist and an intuitive energy healer.  Over years of learning and practice, I have developed skills in treating both the physical and energetic bodies.  In massage, I specialize in grounding and healing work through Swedish and Sports massage techniques.  I use these skills to treat injury, help the body to relax and make space for healing, and help with issues such as chronic pain syndromes, chronic tension and stress.


These benefits are also reflected in my work as an energy healer.  I use techniques including grounding and centering, energy manipulation and balancing, guided meditation, and blockage clearing to help the client open to the flow of healing energy that already exists in the body.

My goal in any healing work is to hold space and provide support for the healing journey of the client, particular to their needs at the moment of the work.  This means that what each client receives is tailored to them in each session; each service is completely personalized.  This remains true even in group healing sessions in which each client is given space to experience their own healing journey while in a held space of compassion and healing energy.

Ultimately, my belief is that when you make space for yourself and open to the process of healing, the body really can work miracles.  My wish is to help facilitate that journey.     

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