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Performance is my way of sharing and communicating with the world.  The act of performing has the ability to envelop the viewer, as well as the performer, in an experience of the world for which they would not have otherwise been present.  A performance happens as a moment in time and the sharing of such an experience holds an ephemeral magic that is both timeless and impossible to repeat.

Through performance, I hope to share stories and ideas, thoughts and feelings, and even whole realities that cannot be conveyed by other means.  These moments of sharing have the power to communicate meaning and even to fundamentally change those that create them and those witness them.


I once heard it said that “dance is ritual embodied.”  This certainly holds true in my work.  My primary form of performative art is dance.  It factors into the majority of my artwork in some way or other.  With my training in modern, post-modern, and ballet styles, my choreographic and artistic works usually incorporate movement ideas from a continuum of the styles in my wheelhouse.  This often includes work en pointe, dancing on the tips of the toes with the use of pointe shoes, that I feel lends an ethereal and otherworldly quality.   


With these tools, I like to create environments in which to experience ideas relating to our connection with nature, spirituality, gender, and a relationship with our past and future through storytelling.  These environments are built with a ritual sensibility and invite the viewer to be fully present; to enter in with abandon, leaving the “real world” behind to explore possibilities. 


My goal is to provide the audience with an opportunity to be transported and, when they leave the performance, to bring with them a sense of the magic that is available to them every day.     

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