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 I make art!  I work in a range of media, including but not limited to dance, fiber arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, music, and storytelling.  Each type of art is an exploration of a different type of energy.  Some are textural, some are color based, some are visceral.  All are ritual.

  I engage with the world around me from the perspective of the living belief system, the spirituality, that I have developed through study and practice for the majority of my life.  My art is both the product and the process of that engagement and my relationship with the world through that lens.

        My intention as an artist is to spark a primal instinct, a curiosity and longing, to develop a connection to the Self and to the World.  Through those connections, I aim to contribute to a better future.  


It is a magical thing to be able to sense our relationship to the Past, to Nature and to One Another.  I see art as a means to reach that magic.

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