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So what do I mean when I say "magic"?

Most likely, one of the first things you notice about me is that I talk about magic A LOT. I love magic, and, to shamelessly reiterate my tagline for just a moment, this world truly is a magical place if only we find ways to connect to it.

However, the term “magic” means so many things to so many people, ranging from fantasy to faith to full on Faustian debauchery. Because of the incredibly broad nature of the idea of magic, I thought I would take the space of a blog post to clarify what it means to me and why my work in the world is to help others find it for themselves.

Magic is the feeling that comes from being in deep connection to the self and to the energy of the world around us. When we cultivate that connection, moments become magical. These magical moments may evoke a sense of joy, wonder, potential or possibility, even a sense of being whole or part of a greater whole. Emotions intensify and take on more vibrant color, which goes for sadness as well as joy.

Moreover, things begin to happen when we are open to such a connection. We become more mindful of what the world has to offer and what we have to offer in return. We begin to take care of ourselves in ways that are nourishing and allow us to sense the magic more deeply. We begin to make space in our lives for joy and healing which helps us to move more easily through life. In turn, we are able to offer care for others and for our environment more effectively.

Therein lies my passion for magic and helping others to find their own ways to connect to it. When I feed my own connection by spending time in nature, doing fulfilling work, making art or dancing, and spending time with people I care about, my life simply works better, even when things are difficult. That is why I love magic and why I love to help others find ways to make their own connection.

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