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Elemental Healing Deep Work

The Elements of Nature, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, are powerful archetypal energies that can have a profound effect in a healing journey.  Spirit is often added as the fifth Elemental energy that encompasses all of the others and is more than the sum of them all.  These energies can help ground and center, increase emotional awareness, relieve stress and activate your energy to achieve your goals.

This twelve week program, or fifteen to include Spirit if you choose, is a deep dive into healing through the energies of the Elements.  With a three-week focus on each Element, you will experience noticeable shifts in various aspects of your energy. 


Through this intensive program, we will be working with energy healing techniques, guided meditation, and personalized suggestions for continued connection in your daily life.  The journey is very much a personal experience and so will look different for each client, but you will certainly find a deeper connection with yourself and with the world around you through this process.    

 I truly love sharing this work and I am always happy to talk about it.  If you have questions or want to learn how this work can help you heal through a connection to the Elements of Nature, book an initial call by sending me a brief message and I will connect with you to get started!

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