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Elemental Healing Jumpstart Program

The Elements of Nature, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, are powerful archetypal energies that can have a profound effect in a healing journey.  These energies can help ground and center, increase emotional awareness, relieve stress and activate your energy to achieve your goals.

This four week jumpstart course is a quick but powerful dive into a connection with the Elements.  It is a shortened version of the Elemental Healing On-on-One Intensive and can be used as an introduction to working deeply with the Elements or as a potent boost for a specific shift you are hoping to achieve.  Together we will work with the energy of each Element to supercharge your energetic and healing goals! 

 I truly love sharing this work and I am always happy to talk about it.  If you have questions or want to learn how this work can help you heal through a connection to the Elements of Nature, book an initial call by sending me a brief message and I will connect with you to get started!

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