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Find Your Magic Jumpstart Program

     When I talk about "finding your magic," I am referring to the deep connection with yourself and the world around you that allows you to fully embody the life you envision for yourself.  Developing that sense of magic can open the path for change, healing and possibility.


     The Find Your Magic Intensive is a three month program in which we will work deeply through a process of self-discovery and healing.  Through practices of embodiment, energy healing, guided meditation, and daily mindfulness, you will see a noticeable shift in your energy and mood and motivation, working towards your goals in healing and in life.  You'll find the magic that works for you by exploring it in your everyday life!

These processes are very personal and each client's journey is different.  The work is tailored to your goals and can shift and change throughout the process as you do.  As such, the best way to understand how this program will fit you personally is to contact me at the link below to start a discussion about this deep work.


     I truly love sharing this work and I am always happy to talk about it.  If you have questions or want to learn how this work can help you find your own magic, book an initial call by sending me a brief message and I will connect with you to get started!

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